Villa Emo, near Fanzolo, Italy

Palladio by James S. Ackerman, Penguin Books, 1991.  A complete and incisive study (including photo-graphs and floor plan) of Palladio and his work by a noted architectural scholar.

Palladio’s Four Books of Architecture, Dover.  This reproduction of Palladio’s text includes architectural  drawings of many of his villas, as well as his palazzi that he completed in Vicenza, Roman structures he encountered in his travels and much more. 

Palladio by Manfred Wundram and Thomas Pape, Taschen Publishing, 1993.  This large format book contains color photographs, floor plans, and the history of each of Palladio’s extant villas.

Palladio and Palladianism by Tavenor, Thames and Hudson, 1990.  A good introduction to Palladio and his impact on future generations of architects.

Andrea Palladio by Bruce Boucher, London, 1994. Breathtaking color photography by Paolo Marton.

The Villa: Form and Ideology of Country Houses by James Ackerman, Princeton UP 1990.  Tour of the villa through various ages and cultures, from ancient to modern.

The Villas of Palladio, photographs by Philip Trager, text by Vincent Scully, Bullfinch Press, 1986.  Hauntingly beautiful black and white studies of most of the villas on our itinerary.

Palladio’s Villas: Life in the Renaissance Countryside by Paul Holberton, London, 1990.  Synthesizes current thought on Palladio’s architecture and the villa society for which it was created.
Vasari on Technique by Giorgio Vasari, edited by G. Baldwin Brown, Dover Publications.  You’ll delight in original 16th-century descriptions of art and architecture, including techniques of fresco painting and how best to design a Renaissance home.

The Renaissance Artist at Work by  Bruce Cole, Harper and Row. Icon Eds, 1983.  Enjoyable and interesting descriptions of artistic practice, training and patronage during the Renaissance.